Iran - Ready Framed Print

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  • $260.00 USD
ایران نفسهای رخ داده
‎در سینه میدانمت
‎ایران دمی رسته از
‎ترکش و کینه میخواهمت
‎ایران بمان شوق خورشید
‎تو میکشد شام ما را
‎تو بگو که همین فردا
‎چه بجز غم ما دارد
‎مگر حنجره مان تا کی
‎تبو تاب صدا دارد

This product is printed, framed and ready to be shipped. The shipping is free.

 iThe gallery look frame is beautifully finished and come with white mat for a polished look. It is made from sturdy engineered wood with a white matte finish. Picture size 11" x 11" print. Overall dimensions for the frame are 17" x 17". Wipe clean with a dry cloth.